My name is David J. Condry.
I am a professional illustrator available for freelance projects.  Please feel free to contact me with information about any creative endeavor that I can help with (d@dcondry.com).

I hold a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and an Mdiv from Denver Seminary. I enjoy creating artworks of various styles. Check out my blog to see my other projects. This portfolio represents the dominant thrust of my artwork: narrative illustrations created in semi-realistic style with exuberant color and explosive energy.

Recently, one of my books won several awards, including the gold Illustration Award from Readers' Favorite (who wrote a great review!). Check out the author's website for more info.

I'm very interested in illustrating other books, currently on the lookout for potential kids' book projects. Contact me if you think your book and my style would be a good fit!

illustration © David J. Condry